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Besok je dooo! merentas desaa! urghhh! malas nyaaa! kaki belum okay lagi. penat semalam pun belum hilang. harini tak sekolah. 'cause penat and nak rehat for besok. semalam masa latihan track baru tu, kaki terpeleot. and kan cikgu buat track baru kan, perghh! lagi bertambah jauh doo!

haisyyyyooo! kadawaley! malasnya. and hopefully helang menang! kehkeh! we are EEGLE hottogo! h o t t i g o! aauum is hottogo , aauum is hottogo . hehe. aku tak sure lah doo dapat number. semalam smpai sekolah je dah ramai budak yang dah smpai. especially budak standard 4. bersemangat betul.

and now aku ngan meow je kat rumah. si gemuk tu pergi mana tah. and meow aku ni dia 'meow,meow' nak keluar from bilik ni lah, then aku buka lah pintu bagi dia keluar, then lama2 sikit, dia meow2 nak masuk balik. then dia meow2 nak keluar, then meow2 nak masuk.

aku pening betul, aku rasa dah hampir 5 kali aku buat benda sama -..- lastly, aku bawak dia keluar rumah. aman sikit. lol. dia tu asyik nak maakaaaann je. makanan dah ada, then nak minta orang lagi. dia punya makanan bukan nak makan. sabooojeleeeerrr.

and sumpah bohhsaann gilaarrs doo. any idea? okayno? kayfine. mendadooakuniii. eh and, tadi aku buat research, cehh research konon. bukan research lah, aku macam cari lah kat google, 'How to improve my stamina for running?'
haha. for esok! lol. aku selalu takde stamina. cepat letih. sbb aku ada asthma. tapi tak teruk lah. and sekrang ni pulak aku selsema. hidung confirm tersumbat doo. tulah tak byk oxygen masuk. so cepat penat.

one of the search yang aku cari ni lah. yang paling boleh lah dikatakan baguihh :-

There is only one way to build stamina for running that is by running. By Stamina I am going to assume you mean running for a long time. Say 5 – 10K. Nothing builds up Stamina then running and the most important run of the week is what we refer to as the LSD run. Long Slow Distance, this is the run that helps build stamina for those long runs.

This run is a slow run and meant to be paced around 1 – 1:30 minutes slower then your normal race pace. Typically you do 1 of these a week and its usually Sunday. But it can be any day you want. For building strength, which again does play a role, you will want to run tempo runs. Which are smaller runs but done almost at race pace.

Also good for strength is Hill training and interval training. This helps build speed; the trick with speed is not how far you can extend your legs (stride), but how fast you can rotate your legs. So the idea is to take 180 steps per minute (count each time your feet hit the ground). The only way to really accomplish this is to take smaller steps.

alrightt.. tu je lah kot. kay. bye guys! ASSALAMMUALAIKUM :D

-Lots of loves,

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