Tips: How to remove your pimple on your face
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Acne is a problem of young people, but it also involves adults.

Acne occurs when oil glands produce too much oil and sebum in the skin, especially on the face, chest and back is an area with a lot of hairs.

Pore ​​clogging oil will be the white spots where it's happening under the skin or black spots where the outer layer of skin. The skin will be red if the inflammation developed around the port.

Larger area more easily developed inflammation with pus and acne scars will meninggalakan if no appropriate treatment and medication. Get rid of acne scars are more difficult when the treatment was abandoned.

Face a face full of acne scars and a draw would eliminate self-confidence.

Below are how to eliminate acne and reduce problems from it.

  • The easiest material to dry acne is a cream containing Benzoyl Peroxida. In concentrations of 5 or 10 percent blockage it dries and the oil port facilitates the date. The effect can be seen within six months from primary four.
  • Wash your skin every day but not too harsh or frequently.
  • Use a gentle skin cleanser and water. Containing granule detergent can also be used.
  • Try to avoid facial sauna because it may make acne worse.
  • Take care of your diet. Maintain a balanced diet.
  • Get enough rest because acne may arise from stress, air problems and tired body.
  • Exercise or daily wear loose. Wearing tight clothes, tight cap or headband of cloth that holds in moisture and oil production increased risk of acne from oily skin.
  • Choose a hairstyle that is not too close to the face and non-greasy hair care that usually comes from a strong scalp sweating. The use of oily hair care should be avoided. Tie hair during sleep so as not covering the face
  • Use water-based face makeup. Buy make up the "noncomedogenic" or "nonacnegenic"
  • Wash your makeup before bed. Do not over-use of skin moisturizers, especially when the midnight .Avoid ultraviolet light or lights. Excessive or prolonged exposure damages the skin and the skin will grow old premature and close the pore sebum.
  • Do not squeeze pimples because it will increase inflammation in the skin and the skin becomes hollow and scarred .

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