Shaheera's Birthday Celebration.
Tuesday, [0] Stalker

Hey fellas! And Assalammualaikum everybody! Shaheera's Birthday Celebration? Dah lama actually. Just lupa nak update kott! hihi. And kinda busy deh. Hari rabu time birthday dia lah. Kiteorang stay kat sekolah. Beli tepung sampai 4 packets tahu. And birthday girl yang belanja. pelik kan? kiteorang yang supposed to belanja diaa. hihi.

Best gilaaa time ni! Tengah makan.. Birthday girl belanjaaa :D

First pic with her! woot!

Aghh! Ada lagi picture yang kiteorg snap, tapi dah hilang! Oh goshh! sokay, ada dalam my phone. Tu je lah yang ada. sorry. emm gtg! kBYE. Assalammualaikum.

Lots of loves,

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