Am I Brave Enough ?
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Hey peeps :) and asalammualaikum for all moslems :) and today was so bored ! serious boring. and my dad pergi outstation to pahang I guess, yaahh . and he just bought a bicycle, idk for what. but he said for exercising . like dahh ? he already said last year and always. like people said, easy to say but hard to do :D haha. the bicycle is in blue colour. umm, nice la jugaaa. hewhew. ahh, and btw. yesterday tasya dared me to use Zakwan's pic as my profile picture. As a brave person i am, i took the dare! hehe. because well it's just for fun. doesn't mean anything. and this thing will end just FOR A WEEK. Lama lah jugaa right ? haha. not for meee :P lol. i am a brave person dont you know ? well, no one know. lol. okay just kidding. dont take it serious babe . haha. and im so hungry. because my second brother yang malas mengalah kan unta kat padang pasir tu tak beli our lunch !! and and back to the topic that my DP tu . i used zakwan's pic tu kan ? you know what, ramai la pula orang yang comment kat my wall, nice dp , amboi dp, hahaha. amboii, My own picture kalau letak as dp takde la pula nak puji muka I ni kan ? ahahha. okay, i know that's a joke. just saja nak cakap. haha. and and, I pun dare tasya suruh set her boyfie pic as her DP, dia buat tapi sekejap je. laaa , chill lah babe. bukan apa pun. just a week, than tukaar laaa . your boyfie kan handsome, mesti ramai orang comment kat your wall, hahaha. okay kidding. and so like alhaan, we dared her to. we ? i and tasya. but dia tak nak. well, a thousand excuse lah dia bagi. haha. nanti her sis nampak lah apa lah. bla bla bla. hihi :I alright lah , that's all. umm, kejap lagi my mom balik, lagipun dah maghrib kan ? so daaa :) love yaaaa .

-Lots of loves,

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