I hate you and I wish you could realize it.
Friday, [0] Stalker

Hey fellas. Asalammualaikum. Yeah, im back again. Umm today im not in a good mood. I dont know, something wrong with my life. I felt like my life isn't complete. Uh whatevs. Not important anyway. Entah, malas nak fikir. Tahun ni lah paling banyak masalah jadi. Lepas satu, satu datang masalah.

Selalu tak ad mood, tension, sedih tetiba. This year supposed to be the best year to us. But it's just not. All of these because of people who dont have mannes, good attitude and slut. Ops, not talking 'bout anyone. Yang terasa tu perangai korang macam tu lah kot.

And you know i hate this person. Who ruined everything! My life, my girls' life and everybody's life! This person is so mean. so rude. ruined my mood every time i saw him. Okay, you said that you regret everything that you've done to me? Seriously wth? you said you're regret it, but you still hurt my feeling, dont you realize? 

Dont you see how sad i am everytime you talk to other girls. Okay i know it's okay to talk to other girls, but you're not just 'talking', you're like 'flirting' you know? You i dont give a shit about you anymore. Seriously dude ber ''adik" "abang" with other girls? i dont care if you want to call her that but  seriously with my friend? she used to be my best friend i guess. 

Im not jealous or what, im just sad because i thought you're regret it all. Your sucks behavior. Everytime i see your face, i feel like kicking you right on your face. I dont know i just hate you so much. Seriously, i never hate people so much like this. you're lucky to be the first one.

Oh and tadi dekat sekolah like seriously macam orang gila. Awh i love you girls. Never stop laughing when chillin out with them. All of our moments burst of laughs. Lol. And i love alin's, umai's, amirah's voice. Just so nice and sweet. Rasa nak tidur saja dengar lol. you know actually im extremely bored right, tu lah update blog ni. heee. kalau tak harams. Okaylah guys nak skype with aicah aqilah kejap. BYE ASALAMMUALAIKUM. Bunches of loves xx

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Hello Hi. Welcome to Princess Rawrr. I dont used to "follow me, i'll follow you back". Hate my blog, fine. We almost always see only what's wrong with other people and not what's wrong with us. Best view Google Chrome

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