Happy Eleventh Tomorrow Darling!
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Hey Fellas! Assalammualaikum! Guess what and who the 'darling'? lulzz. Of course my little adopted sister, Shaheera Azli a.k.a Shasho kita. lol. her birthday are on tomorrow. Iam so excited! But, her birthday party soon on this saturday. Dia buat dekat McDonald seksyen 8. About time 12 pm.

And heck yeah, I tak dapat pergi. Because hari sabtu ada class tambahan. And ada tutition tak silap. and that day my mom said that 'we're going back to kampung this saturday' and my daddy pula cakap 'We'll going back after class tambahan and all the activities over' rasanya balik 6 haribulan. hopefully sempat lah pergi to sha's birthday party.

Hopefully can! Jyeah. And besok petang stayback maybe. B'cause budak gedik ni ada buat, emm.. like having fun or something like that. main main tepung so all, i guess? snapping picture, okay, just like OUR daily activity. Im serious :D not really. kuhkuh.

And well, today like USUAL. home alone, watching movie on Ytube, eating and kat rumah pun duduk dengan Trojan. Luckily i have a pets, cat :D if not, i'll forever alone at house. ughh, Fkn' bored! killing me! tapi buat homework okay. well yeah, i rajin. ushh2, stop I tahu, tak payah nak cakap dah. okay -.- kan?

Hihi. Tadi finally bayar juga duit class tambahan and dapat buku. before this aku asyik lupa je nak bawa duit. upss, pardon me :G. Bak kata Maryam, kau nyanyok! okaybenci kau gemuk! gemuk kata lawan :D she called me kurus. sebab dia kata, aku panggil dia gemuk kata lawannya, then dia pula panggil aku kurus lah sebab aku gemuk. Cis! hehe. Kaylah, nak out dulu. Assalammualaikum. KBYE :)

P.s: Love you so double triple extreme forever and ever tight tight. Good luck in your future ya sayang! goodluck in UPSR even in SPM soon :) Buat betul betul. Act post ni buat esok, tapi well siso excited sangat nak buat. sukahati I lah :D And jangan nak berboiprenn2 sangat ya? *cehh cakap orang* this is your last year to, yknow, having funs, gossiping. Next year focus okay! Birthday shasho nanti insyaALLAH siso and my sis datang :) takmo gaduh gaduh with your bestiest dah okay. let the past go away. shuh shuh! And dont you dare to forget your Adopted sis yang comel ni tahu? Amboii. okay that'sall for today. And whatever it is, HAPPY ELEVENTH TOMORROW pumpkin! -♥Your comel siso-

-Lots of loves,

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