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Okay. now nak ajar korang macam mana nak buat 'hello sunshine' floating status. nama pun merepek gilaa , but it;s okay, janji korang faham. just straight to the tuto,

Blogger >> Dashboard >> Design >> Add a Gadget >> HTML/Javascript


Copy these codes CTRL + C :-

< d i v s t y l e = " p o s i t i o n : f i x e d ; t o p : 0 p x ; l e f t : 2 0 0 p x ; " > < i m g s r c = "U R L G A M B A R " />
< c e n t e r > < m a r q u e e > < b > A Y A T A N D A < / b > < / m a r q u e e > < / c e n t e r > < / d i v > < / d i v >
Dah copy ? cool. paste kat dalam kotak HTML/Javascript tuh okay. then save , siap :)

Nota kaki
url image : sukahati koranglah nak buat gambar apa. btw, aku ada freebies dia. check my freebies page.
Your welcome note : I think korang tau kan? sukahati korang juga lah nak tulis apa kat situ kays ?

-Lot's of loves,

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