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Monday, [3] Stalker



Holloh People . OKay, Macam biasalah, takde keje nak buat buat selain freebies and bite my sis's ass . okay kidding. haha. not funny ? okay i understand. omg , what strong with meyy ? heyy chill up. i just teggolek2 i n my room, nothing to do . just sit in front of my bro's lappy. and fyi, dia da balik college dia. sedihh dohh ! and yang best tu dia tak bawak lappy dia. hahaha//gelak jahat :P and here's the freebies of blog/web name. sorry, i just merepek2 tulis. and my sis help mey too , to buat bende ni lah. but bukan tolong pun , i just tanya dia lah, kalau dia cakap 'doesnt make sense lah blog's name mcm tu, so then i tak letak lah. okay. hope you guys like. ouh haa, btw. kalau korang nak pilih mana2 nama ni, just comment tau. bukan sebab apa, nnt boleh la aku slash bende tu , maksud dia ada orang dah reserved lah kan nama tu, kayss ? enjoy your day. muahmuahmuah //ceh, over je :P

- Morning Kiss
-Perfect Two
-So Far Away
-Unprivate Diary
-Vamp Girl
-Crunchy Munchy
-Strawberry Pie
-Morning Sunshine
-Miss Sunshine
-Queen Of Gossip
-Mrs Keyboard
-Talking Keyboard
-You're The Apple To My Pie
-Doctor Of Love
-Super Simple Life
-Mrs Simple
-Mr Simple
-Perfect Life Of Mine
-Perfect You
-Happy Tears
-Online Diary
-Marshmellow Bunch
-The Story Of Mine
-Diamond Castle
-Jar Of Hearts
-Pink Lip gloss
-Just The Way I Am
-Just The Way You Are
-Yellow Sunset
-White Roses
-Red Roses
-Little Diary
-Boys Like Girls
-Girl Like Me
-One In A Million
-Nobody's Perfect
-Purple Addict
-Someone Like You
-Cats Lover
-Princess's Life
-Chocolate plus Strawberry
-The Perfect Life
-You're Always Mine
-You're mine, I'm Yours
-You're Everything
-Beautiful Me
-Beauty Queen
-It's Not About The Money
-Money Not Everything
-Little Monster
-Dancing Little Girl
-Hyper Blogger
-Black Forest Addict

Credit to my sis yang banyak tolong, //lah sangat :P bhaha. but still tolong sikit . hewhew.

-Lots Of Loves,

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