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Hey ya .. it's a very bored saturday morning .. well , nothing to do .. my dad busy . and my mom busy studying .. so , what to do ? just updating my blog .. as ou know , next week , 1 week cuti .. so , best , but sometime , NAK PERGI SKOLA :P so bored staying at home , sit and watching movie or something ? nahh , boring .. okay maybe i can cleaning my room ? okay weird , that's no fun lah .. exam is over , so i'm free to do anything .. hehe .. not free at all .. just now , im supposed to be in a library .. perpustakaan negara , my mom nak study kat situ .. but the plan is already cancelled .. hmm :( just just sit in front of my computer and online the whole day? are you kidding me , what do you thing im suppose to do ? cleaning my school's shoes ? okay no , not in a mood to 'cleaning2' thing .. umm studying ? no exam is over , so my brain need to rest *ecehhh* okay sekarang tgh merepek , just ignore what am i said just now :P nonsense .. okay masa school holidays , ktoerg plan nak pergi alamanda , just hanging out , with friends .. but , not confirming it yet .. we just planning , god making it .. okay la , im going to take my bath .. my mom already pok pek2.. bye you all , cheers your saturday morning . /dont be like me\ lol .

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Hello Hi. Welcome to Princess Rawrr. I dont used to "follow me, i'll follow you back". Hate my blog, fine. We almost always see only what's wrong with other people and not what's wrong with us. Best view Google Chrome

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