Tutorial Membuat Page *Biasa*
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Harini ade org reequest cane nk buat page .. adek Basyirah ni request cane nk create 'page'

Okay first , korang gi kt design - Page element- Add A gadget .

Then korang cari 'page' mcm gmb kt atas .. and tkn '+' for add .

Nnt dia akn kua cani , so korang click save .. BELOM SIAP AGI.

Klau korang nk add lgi page .., korang tgk gmba gi kt atas skali ade x mcm gmba kt atas ni ? haa , so ade posting , comment , settings , design and sume tuuhh .. okay korang click >u/u<

BIla korang da click posting .. tgk dkt bahagian ats , ade x mcm gmba kt atas ni ? ade kn ? so korang click 'edit pages'

Okay bila da pegi kt edit pages , nnt dia kua mcm gmba kt atas ni kn ? ade x ? k , klu ade korang
click la ..

k , last step , korang tulis la page title kt bahagian atas skli tu , and tulis la isi2 dia .. and tkn publish page ..

Bila korang da publish , nnt dia kuar mcm gba kt atas ni kn ? so , korang pilih la nk kt sidebar , blog tabs or no gadget .. and tkn save and publish .. done :D


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