hTC Android To Nokia c3 , omaigodd !
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OMAIGODD ! semalam ayh zakirah belikan zakirah Phone Nokia C3 , Mmg dri dulu zakirah suke phone ni , design die cool kn ~ actually ade 3 colours , colour dark blue , pink , and purple .. tpi zakirah pilih warne purple , purple paling cantek , dark blue tu burok , pink pon x cntek sbb blakang die ade colour hitam ,sume x interesting , wane purple je interesting kn ? tpi zakirah trade in , phone Htc Android .. boring la asyek gune phone tu je ,Korng nk tgk phone c3 tpi warne die yg x interesting tu , X nk ? knp ? malas nk search kt google ? okay la , aku kn baek , meh aku kasi link , for nokia c3 yg wane pink preview sini , dark blue preview sini , tpi actually , ade byk lgi colour , ade warna merah , preview sini , tpi xde jual kt situ , ade wane hijau preview sini , warne putih pon ade , tpi warne die x putih bersih , cane eh nk ckp ..mmm , ahh , korang preview la sng kt sini .

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